Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Quick Links

Priodically I am going to post things I have read during the day that I thought were interesting. Here 5 stories worth a read:

Time Magazine article on 5 American soldiers being set up and killed after being betrayed by Iraqi's they were working with. A great read{
An Ambush in Karbala

The Hill article on how Joe Lieberman being critical of Democrats postion on the war. While most sane people are questioning the war more every day, Joe increasingly is in lock step with the administration.
Lieberman escalates attack on Iraq critics

Horrible story of a home invasion in Conneticut that two men are accused of killing a physician's wife and two daughters.
Neighbors Say Connecticut Family Was Targeted By Home Invaders

Sports Guy Bill Simmons has a differnt take on the Garnett trade than I do.
McHale adds another notch to his Celtics legacy

Democracy Corps recently conducted surveys in key battleground districts for 2008 "and the results look like a rerun of 2006 -- an election when Democrats lost no incumbents and swept the competitive seats."
GOP Facing Another Wave


Mike said...

Is it just a matter of time before Lieberman disavows his independence, becomes a Republican and throws the Senate back to the Right?

Phil said...

in two years Republicans are going to lose about 8 more seats. If he wants to keep his seats on committees he will need to stay a Dem. That is probably the only thing keeping him.

He's like Bush on one respect, he's so consumed with being right on this issue, no turn of events can convince him otherwise.