Friday, July 31, 2009

The News You Want

Maybe when Walter Cronkite passed, he took the news industry with him, whatever was left of it. Lately it seems that the TV news has taken a dive off a cliff. Consider the following two videos:

or this one

oK, Fox and MSNBC should drop any pretense of being news. MSNBC is incredibly liberal and biased but at it's worst it is never the hate filled FoxNews. As much as I am more politically aligned with MSNBC, I am fully able to make up my mind on my own without being fed a point of view. That is why it is all the more sad to see what has become of CNN.

Take for a moment the evening line up of CNN. Start with Wolf Blitzer who is about the most legitimate news source on the station. After Wolf you get the previously mentioned Lou Dobbs. Let's stop the pretense of Lou being a news man and put him out to pasture on Fox, Lou is a ego maniac blow hard. Then you get Campbell Brown. Campbell is adequate but frankly sandwiched between Lou Dobbs and Larry King who is going to notice. Larry King has lost so much off his fastball he looks like Tim Wakefield. As for Anderson Cooper, maybe I hold it against him that he replaced Aaron Brown, but he is better as a reporter than a host.

It's no wonder that in a recent poll, Jon Stewart was voted most trusted newsman. I am hardpressed to think of any better.

I am a big news junkie and find most nights of TV frustrating watching the endless Michael Jackson and beer summit coverage. Walter Cronkite used to say that he gave the public the news they needed not the news they wanted. I wish CNN would do the same.

Separated at Birther

Is it me or is it easily imagined that if Sarah Palin weren't a national figure, this could be her in the first video?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Iphone News and Politics

I have had my new iPhone 3GS for 5 days now and it is clearly a cut above the original. If you are on the fence about an iPhone bite the bullet and go get one. For a little primer, here are my favorite iphone news and politics apps/sites.

My most frequently used app is NetNewsWire. It is an iphone rss feed. I have used several RSS feeders and this FREE app is the best.

HuffPost app. Huff news in iphone format. loads very quick

The Daily Beast easy quick read news/politics headlines.

NYT/WSJ apps. I list them together because they are pretty similar. NYT has better content, WSJ has a quicker updating and better formatted app. Both very good.

Politico for iPhone Best content, best interface of any politcal website. Slicker than most apps and quicker access.

Best newspaper iphone formatted website is Washington Post. I just wish they would make their Slate division slicker.

Best iphone newspaper app interface is the UK Telegraph. It has a great interface but there is only so much UK content I care about.

If you like to stream podcasts, the Stitcher app is for you. Most of the popular podcast are avail there for streaming if you do not want to make the downloads.

With so much great content, what more could I ask for???? How about a Daily Kos mobile site? Or Andrew Sullivan? There is a solution from a website called plusmo, but it is not the greatest solution. It's ok, but really both fo those blogs should have mobile sites.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fit for the Bird Cage

I was a little surprised the other day when I received the email below from The Washington Times. I know the WashTimes is a conservative paper, but what was surprising to me was for a major publication to throw any pretense of objectivity out the window by sending out such a hit job. Maybe that is what the newspaper industry is coming to when the cease being news and start being narrow interest propaganda pieces. Sad to see, I like my news to be news and leave the opinions to me.

On Jun 23, 2009, at 10:07 AM, The Washington Times wrote:

"Court of Appeals is where policy is made.
And I know that this is on tape and I should never say that ..."

—Obamaís Supreme Court nominee, Judge Sonia Sotomayor

Dear Friend,

President Obama has nominated someone that will be one of the most radical ever to sit on the United States Supreme Court and he is hoping you will do nothing to stop her confirmation.

As Judge Sotomayorís quote above shows she not only believes that unelected judges should create the laws, she would prefer to hide that belief from you!

Obama and Sotomayor know that a majority of the American people do NOT want judges legislating from the bench. They know that a majority of the American people do NOT want judicial activists to impose their opinion over the facts so they are hiding the truth and trying to rush through her confirmation. But thereís something you can do to stop them.

Will you make an urgent contribution to help the Judicial Confirmation Network and conservative leaders across the nation stop Obamaís liberal judge?

Judge Sotomayor doesnít believe that the Constitution of the United States and the facts should determine her judicial decisions. She says, "personal experiences affect the facts that judges CHOOSE to see." So Judges should choose which facts they weigh in their decision and ignore facts that arenít in line with their personal feelings?

If we donít stop Judge Sotomayor now, her radical, liberal ideas will be shaping the Supreme Court of the United States for decades to come. Please act now by following this link.

By now you have heard many of Sonia Sotomayorís radical ideas for our nationís justice system including her now famous statement on who can make better decisions from the bench. Judge Sotomayor: "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasnít lived that life?"

Now President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are trying to rush her confirmation. Republican Senator Mitch McConnell called this the "shortest confirmation timeline in recent memory."

What are President Obama and the Democrats trying to hide in Judge Sotomaorís record? With your help, we will continue to find the truth and stop her from a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court. Because of the Democrats shortened confirmation schedule, time is running out. We need you to act now.

Your urgent contribution of $100, $50, $25 now to the Judicial Confirmation Network will help us and conservative leaders across the nation stop Obamaís liberal judge.

Thank you,

Gary Marx
Executive Director,
Judicial Confirmation Network

The Judicial Confirmation Network
PO Box 3141
Manassas, VA 20108

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Sanford and Sins

There is always a little side show facination in a good story of infidelity. I must say I was particularly happy to see Mark Sanford's car accident of a press conference. Mark Sanford was always a jerk and will continue to be a jerk. It was particularly satisfying to see such a high profile 2012 GOP potential candidate take a beating until his wife's classy statment came out a few hours later

But it's never the infidelity that's the story it's always the hipocracy. You can almost guess the scandal based on each of the politicians personal crusades. David Vitter, John Ensign & now Mark Sandord were all family values candidates hardly showing family values. Larry Craig was an anti gay crusader caught in a mens room making a play for men. Lastly, although hardly lastly, there was Eliot Spitzer anti crime crusader engaging in illegal prostitution.

It's rarely the infidelity that's the story it's usually the hipocracy.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Long Arc of Moral Justice

Barack Obama has done just about everything right so far with Iran. Before his oath of office he made a recording appealing to the people of Iran. In Cairo he again spoke to the moderate voices in the the country. When it came time for the election he has been very careful not to praise Mousavi too much because it could undermine him. And after the election he has taken care again to speak out against violence but stay out of the politics of the rigged election.

Today his comments again show that we have a statesman in the White House for the first time in a while.

Statement from the President on Iran

The Iranian government must understand that the world is watching. We mourn each and every innocent life that is lost. We call on the Iranian government to stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people. The universal rights to assembly and free speech must be respected, and the United States stands with all who seek to exercise those rights.

As I said in Cairo, suppressing ideas never succeeds in making them go away. The Iranian people will ultimately judge the actions of their own government. If the Iranian government seeks the respect of the international community, it must respect the dignity of its own people and govern through consent, not coercion.

Martin Luther King once said - "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." I believe that. The international community believes that. And right now, we are bearing witness to the Iranian peoples’ belief in that truth, and we will continue to bear witness.

Only On Twitter

From breaking news to the trivial.......back to back updates from my twitter feed.

    TehranBureauFB friend says: Iran source: there is a military tank in Azadi Square.
  2. Mark Knoller
    markknollerYou're gonna laff: Obama & the girls actually bought Frozen Puppy pops for Bo: flavors: pumpkin, peanut butter and yogurt…

One Voice

Iran Presidential Election 2009 |

Iran Presidential Election 2009 |

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.....It's Being Tweeted

I keep turning on the news late at night to keep up with the dramatic going on's in Iran's post "election" chaos. Unfortunately due to the crackdown on media other than the occasional Christianne Amanpour report, there is very little reporting going on. If you want a real front row seat, the best place is in front of your computer keeping track on Twitter and Andrew Sullivan's blog. Below are some of the constant updates from one of the better "tweeters" on the topic. At times the accounts are nerve racking " my sister has taken to the streets as well....she hasn't returned...I'm worried" to the downright repulsive "Two reports coming from Tehran about helicopters pouring boiling water on protesters".

Andrew Sullivan has been equally compelling, publishing emails from multiple sources including this note:

We have promised not to give up until prove our right. Did you hear what Khameneyi ( the supreme leader) said in his speech today. He is really a devil. He gathered his and Ahmadi Nejad's followers against the people who just want freedom. He ordered to kill everybody who is against his thought and orders. But you can see what will happen in Iran. Unfortunatelly, I can smell blood. People and the student won't accept dictatorship and won't give up even if he kill all of us. Please tell the world we (Iranian) are not like him. He is not our leader. He is againts his country, nation and any other nations in the world. He is just a devil against humanity.
With a limted amount of information coming out here's a few people worth following on Twitter.
@stopahmadi;@change_for_iran;@persionkiwi;@jimsciuttoABC;@mousavi1388; and @teranbureau. And don't forget to stop by for your front row seat.


  1. another great stream is and has been coming from Lara Setrakian at ABC News
  2. Reports: Another Person died at Loghman Hospital.
  3. Reports: Clashes in Ahvaz, South of Iran.
  4. Reports:At least one Person died at Khomeini Hospital.
  5. more from omid007: Reports: A Mosque at Azarbiajan St. is on the fire...
  6. I am prepared for martyrdom, Shame on you and your tricks the coup government. end quote
  7. from trusted FB source: Mousavi is reported to be speaking to protesters on Jeyhoon street. He said a few minutes ago:
  8. reports coming that mousavi has said: "I have prepared for martyrdom"
  10. European embassies reportedly open doors for injured, tell families to take them there.
  11. end quote
  12. downtown
  13. from tehran: basij all over the city, stopping anyone uptown going down
  14. end quote
  15. and can't get through to any cell phones.
  16. I don't know much else, as I stayed away from downtown today,
  17. It's a delicate dance. Life continues to go on, but as of late this afternoon Basij are everywhere.
  18. People are so pissed, but starting to feel scared.
  19. from a source in tehran: As of an hour or 2 ago, I feel like I'm in a police state for the first time.
  20. No confirmation from this source on Mousavi's presence on the street.
  21. Also reports of gun shots in downtown Tehran.
  22. Reports of tear gas and gun shots near Azadi (Freedom) square.
  23. Police has blocked the street near Enghelab (revolution) square.
  24. Young men and women have been arrested and taken from the scene by police vans.
  25. from a source: A reporter just told me that the riot police officers are more than the demonstrators in a number of streets.
  26. that was a report from Enghelab St
  27. There is no way for protesters to escape and even enter the houses in the area.
  28. Police and Baseej are in the alleys connecting to the main streets, arresting people.
  29. A source: Police it beating up people, regardless of why they are on the street or sidewalk.
  30. from trusted FB friend: REPORT FROM SHIRAZ: Intense conflict in Alam Square.
  31. Report from source: Mohammad Ghouchani, the editor-in-chief of National Trust newspaper, has been arrested.
  32. 5:30 In Khosh Street police is attacking people with batons and pepper spray trying to disperse ppl, shots heard
  33. 5:20 A lot of conflict happenning at Kosh St. now 5:26 shooting in Azadi ave. near Gharib!
  34. Thousands of people attempting to enter Tehran protest site have been blocked by heavily armed police
  36. clashes in isfahan
  37. RT Iran: Two reports coming from Tehran about helicopters pouring boiling water on protesters.
  38. reports of some Iranians protesting with Qurans in their hand.
  39. from FB: Chants of "Down with Khameini" occurring
  40. Eye Witness: At Least 20 injured Protesters transfred to Loghman Hospital in last 30 [now 50] mins.
  41. Got A Call: Many People Injured By Police and Militia Near Tohid SQ.
  42. more from Omid007: Gunfire at Satarkhan St.
  43. end quote
  44. Gunshots continuously heard from Ghasr-ol-dasht street
  45. reports from Azadi square and that whole area say very brutal clashes taking place
  46. Enghelaab Sq is full of smoke/gas
  47. lower streets
  48. forces dressed as civilians are beating on people and using tear gas to keep them from entering the square, they are being dispersed into
  49. pedestrians have filled up Qods street and the square
  50. there are massive amounts of people at Enghelaab Sq
  51. i'm dying with worry. please pray for us.
  52. i'm worried
  53. she hasn't returned
  54. my young sister has taken to the streets as well
  55. things are horrible, please pray for us
  56. another friend's arm has broken
  57. one of my friends got smacked so hard she has lost hearing in one ear
  58. basij is even attacking young girls and women
  59. they're throwing something, i don't know what exactly, at people's bodies
  60. also blasting "water guns" at people