Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.....It's Being Tweeted

I keep turning on the news late at night to keep up with the dramatic going on's in Iran's post "election" chaos. Unfortunately due to the crackdown on media other than the occasional Christianne Amanpour report, there is very little reporting going on. If you want a real front row seat, the best place is in front of your computer keeping track on Twitter and Andrew Sullivan's blog. Below are some of the constant updates from one of the better "tweeters" on the topic. At times the accounts are nerve racking " my sister has taken to the streets as well....she hasn't returned...I'm worried" to the downright repulsive "Two reports coming from Tehran about helicopters pouring boiling water on protesters".

Andrew Sullivan has been equally compelling, publishing emails from multiple sources including this note:

We have promised not to give up until prove our right. Did you hear what Khameneyi ( the supreme leader) said in his speech today. He is really a devil. He gathered his and Ahmadi Nejad's followers against the people who just want freedom. He ordered to kill everybody who is against his thought and orders. But you can see what will happen in Iran. Unfortunatelly, I can smell blood. People and the student won't accept dictatorship and won't give up even if he kill all of us. Please tell the world we (Iranian) are not like him. He is not our leader. He is againts his country, nation and any other nations in the world. He is just a devil against humanity.
With a limted amount of information coming out here's a few people worth following on Twitter.
@stopahmadi;@change_for_iran;@persionkiwi;@jimsciuttoABC;@mousavi1388; and @teranbureau. And don't forget to stop by for your front row seat.


  1. another great stream is and has been coming from Lara Setrakian at ABC News
  2. Reports: Another Person died at Loghman Hospital.
  3. Reports: Clashes in Ahvaz, South of Iran.
  4. Reports:At least one Person died at Khomeini Hospital.
  5. more from omid007: Reports: A Mosque at Azarbiajan St. is on the fire...
  6. I am prepared for martyrdom, Shame on you and your tricks the coup government. end quote
  7. from trusted FB source: Mousavi is reported to be speaking to protesters on Jeyhoon street. He said a few minutes ago:
  8. reports coming that mousavi has said: "I have prepared for martyrdom"
  10. European embassies reportedly open doors for injured, tell families to take them there.
  11. end quote
  12. downtown
  13. from tehran: basij all over the city, stopping anyone uptown going down
  14. end quote
  15. and can't get through to any cell phones.
  16. I don't know much else, as I stayed away from downtown today,
  17. It's a delicate dance. Life continues to go on, but as of late this afternoon Basij are everywhere.
  18. People are so pissed, but starting to feel scared.
  19. from a source in tehran: As of an hour or 2 ago, I feel like I'm in a police state for the first time.
  20. No confirmation from this source on Mousavi's presence on the street.
  21. Also reports of gun shots in downtown Tehran.
  22. Reports of tear gas and gun shots near Azadi (Freedom) square.
  23. Police has blocked the street near Enghelab (revolution) square.
  24. Young men and women have been arrested and taken from the scene by police vans.
  25. from a source: A reporter just told me that the riot police officers are more than the demonstrators in a number of streets.
  26. that was a report from Enghelab St
  27. There is no way for protesters to escape and even enter the houses in the area.
  28. Police and Baseej are in the alleys connecting to the main streets, arresting people.
  29. A source: Police it beating up people, regardless of why they are on the street or sidewalk.
  30. from trusted FB friend: REPORT FROM SHIRAZ: Intense conflict in Alam Square.
  31. Report from source: Mohammad Ghouchani, the editor-in-chief of National Trust newspaper, has been arrested.
  32. 5:30 In Khosh Street police is attacking people with batons and pepper spray trying to disperse ppl, shots heard
  33. 5:20 A lot of conflict happenning at Kosh St. now 5:26 shooting in Azadi ave. near Gharib!
  34. Thousands of people attempting to enter Tehran protest site have been blocked by heavily armed police
  36. clashes in isfahan
  37. RT Iran: Two reports coming from Tehran about helicopters pouring boiling water on protesters.
  38. reports of some Iranians protesting with Qurans in their hand.
  39. from FB: Chants of "Down with Khameini" occurring
  40. Eye Witness: At Least 20 injured Protesters transfred to Loghman Hospital in last 30 [now 50] mins.
  41. Got A Call: Many People Injured By Police and Militia Near Tohid SQ.
  42. more from Omid007: Gunfire at Satarkhan St.
  43. end quote
  44. Gunshots continuously heard from Ghasr-ol-dasht street
  45. reports from Azadi square and that whole area say very brutal clashes taking place
  46. Enghelaab Sq is full of smoke/gas
  47. lower streets
  48. forces dressed as civilians are beating on people and using tear gas to keep them from entering the square, they are being dispersed into
  49. pedestrians have filled up Qods street and the square
  50. there are massive amounts of people at Enghelaab Sq
  51. i'm dying with worry. please pray for us.
  52. i'm worried
  53. she hasn't returned
  54. my young sister has taken to the streets as well
  55. things are horrible, please pray for us
  56. another friend's arm has broken
  57. one of my friends got smacked so hard she has lost hearing in one ear
  58. basij is even attacking young girls and women
  59. they're throwing something, i don't know what exactly, at people's bodies
  60. also blasting "water guns" at people

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