Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sanford and Sins

There is always a little side show facination in a good story of infidelity. I must say I was particularly happy to see Mark Sanford's car accident of a press conference. Mark Sanford was always a jerk and will continue to be a jerk. It was particularly satisfying to see such a high profile 2012 GOP potential candidate take a beating until his wife's classy statment came out a few hours later

But it's never the infidelity that's the story it's always the hipocracy. You can almost guess the scandal based on each of the politicians personal crusades. David Vitter, John Ensign & now Mark Sandord were all family values candidates hardly showing family values. Larry Craig was an anti gay crusader caught in a mens room making a play for men. Lastly, although hardly lastly, there was Eliot Spitzer anti crime crusader engaging in illegal prostitution.

It's rarely the infidelity that's the story it's usually the hipocracy.

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