Sunday, June 28, 2009

Iphone News and Politics

I have had my new iPhone 3GS for 5 days now and it is clearly a cut above the original. If you are on the fence about an iPhone bite the bullet and go get one. For a little primer, here are my favorite iphone news and politics apps/sites.

My most frequently used app is NetNewsWire. It is an iphone rss feed. I have used several RSS feeders and this FREE app is the best.

HuffPost app. Huff news in iphone format. loads very quick

The Daily Beast easy quick read news/politics headlines.

NYT/WSJ apps. I list them together because they are pretty similar. NYT has better content, WSJ has a quicker updating and better formatted app. Both very good.

Politico for iPhone Best content, best interface of any politcal website. Slicker than most apps and quicker access.

Best newspaper iphone formatted website is Washington Post. I just wish they would make their Slate division slicker.

Best iphone newspaper app interface is the UK Telegraph. It has a great interface but there is only so much UK content I care about.

If you like to stream podcasts, the Stitcher app is for you. Most of the popular podcast are avail there for streaming if you do not want to make the downloads.

With so much great content, what more could I ask for???? How about a Daily Kos mobile site? Or Andrew Sullivan? There is a solution from a website called plusmo, but it is not the greatest solution. It's ok, but really both fo those blogs should have mobile sites.

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