Friday, July 27, 2007

Show me the Money!!!! is a great website that details where the money comes to for political campaigns. I spent a little time on it looking at donors to the 2008 Presidential election (everyone needs a hobby) and had the following observations:

When looking at dontations from specific industries, it is interesting where the money is going. Overall Obama and Clinton are pulling away from the field on donations but by industry there are different. For instance:
*Guiliani leads in contributions from Casino's and Tobacco companies. How do you think that plays with the Christian Right?
*The Securities and Investment industry has donated more than $2mil to 5 different candidates (Clinton, Obama, Giuliani,Romney, and Dodd).
*John Edwards leads the pack in donations by Lawyers/Law Firms collecting $6.5 mil. Hillary Clinton is next with $6.2 mil.
*Hillary Clinton is first in money from lobbyists. Obama ranks 8th and Edwards 11th with lobyists.
*Clinton and Obama rate 1&2 from the entertainment industry with Edwards a distant third.
*Retired individuals donated $3.3 mil to the Obama campaign. McCain ironically ranks only 4th with his contemporaries.

The Top contributors to each campaign are as follows:
Obama - Goldman Sachs $310k
Clinton - DL Piper $284k
Edwards - ActBlue $1.3 mil
McCain- Blank Rome LLP $143
Guiliani - Ernst & Young - $229k
Romney - Goldman Sachs $184k (Staples contributed $59k, no further comment)
Dodd - SAC Capital Advisors $350k
Richardson - State of New Mexico $245k
Biden - Simmons Cooper LLC $66k
Paul- Huffines Communities $10k

Lots of other things that at least I find interesting like 5 people donated $2300 to Sam Brownback that can only be used in the general election (I guess that means his parents, granparents and wife are all still alive).

I never promised my posts would be interesting to anyone other than me, I find this stuff interesting.

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