Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So Long Curtis!

ESPN is reporting that Curtis Martin is announcing his retirement this week. It will be a fitting end to his career. Curtis will not go out with the same fanfare as Jerome Bettis did a few years ago and many others before him. Curtis will have finished his career as the 4th all time leading rusher, a fact that is probably not all that well known.

Curtis is well known to be one of the league's good guys. Quietly doing charity work without a flock of cameras accompanying him. It's hard to believe that one of the league's best players and best characters played in New York yet was one of the leagues unsung heroes.

Curtis also happens to be without question, my favorite football player. I was a fan of the Pats when he came into the league and a Jets fan at his retirement. I have had the pleasure in watching him play for my favorite team his whole career.

As I mentioned, Curtis retires 4th on the all time rushing list behing Emmitt, Walter, and Barry. He retires having not playing the 2006 season because of a bone on bone situation in his knee. One would have to hope that this is not an injury that will hobble him in his post football years.

Best wishes #28, football needs more guys like you.

Player Yards
Emmitt Smith 18,355
Walter Payton 16,726
Barry Sanders 15,269
Curtis Martin 14,101
Jerome Bettis 13,662
Eric Dickerson 13,259
Tony Dorsett 12,739
Jim Brown 12,312
Marshall Faulk 12,279
Marcus Allen 12,243

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