Thursday, August 16, 2007


I was on vacation when Barry Bonds hit numbers 755 and 756 so I did not get a propper chance to honor him with an appropriate post. Today I am making up for that by honoring his achievement by doing a post on the Biggest Jerks in Sports. While it's easy to take the obvious such as OJ, Ray Lewis, and Michael Vick. Those guys get lifetime achievement awards. I am looking beyond the felon category to more of a day in day out jerk. So here is my top 10 Sports Jerks:

10. Ryan Leaf
9. Randy Moss
8. Dennis Rodman
7. Latrell Spreewell
6. Jose Canseco
5. Kobe Bryant
4. Barry Bonds
3. Pacman Jones
2. Albert Belle
1. Bill Romanowski

I'm sure I am missing a bunch of good ones. These are top of mind.

2 comments: said...

I didn't realize Romanowski was/is such a jerk. What have I missed?

EzBlogger said...

Broke a teammates jeye socket ending his career.

Spit in the face of opposing player. JJ stokes

Kickinng Larry Centers in the head.

Three illegal hits followed by a punch against Tony Gonzalez.

Throwing a ball at Bryan Cox's balls.

Got into a fight with a team mate that objected to a cheap shot on JErry Rice in practice.

General Steroid abuse.