Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bush Bashing

I have refrained a bit from totally bashing the Administration. There are a million blogs that specialize in that and do a much better job at it than I do. Tonight two stories really annoyed me. One article in which the admistration manual on quieting dissenters is revealed and another article blaming George Tenet for 9/11 really iritated me. I go into both in more detail in the next two posts.

I know Bush's approval rating reflects numbers that contain positives from barely more than his immediate friends and family (and Barney), but why is it that nothing sticks to these guys.

Not accountability for errors leading up to 9/11 or failing to hold those responsible accountable or breaking laws on wire tapping or silencing critics or a failed Social Security plan or (how could I forget) misleading us to war or (almost as bad) having a bad war plan or leaving Afganistan a mess or failing to staff FEMA with experienced professionals able to help in emergency situations or failure to show leadership in fighting climate change.

I'm not one that thinks that the Administration should be impeached even though it deserves it, but what are the other options? Ultimately we get the government we deserve (although Gore won in 2000). We collectively knew they were incompetant when we (not me) voted for them again in 2004. Why do we do this to ourselves?


I feel better. 517 days and counting (I feel worse again).

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