Thursday, August 30, 2007

Champs again!

Not the Patriots, my fantasy team.

Tonight I had my fantasy auction and once again, I am odds on favorite to win (as I have for 3 of the last seven years). {Note: the previous statement was written for Rob)

My strategy for an auction is to have a budget by position and not fall in love with any particular players. Just like the Celtics, get three studs and surround them with good value players.

I only had one player I kind of wanted going in and that was Tom Brady. Not surprising for someone from Boston to want Tom Brady on their Fantasy team, except I am a Jets fan and generally dislike Brady. The way I look at it, if Tom Brady does well, I do well. If Tom Brady gets arrested for cockfighting, I have JAke Delhomme so I am also happy. Win win.

For those wondering what a winning fantasy team looks like, here it is:

Tom Brady and Jake Delhomme
Shaun Alexander
Ahman Green
LaMont Jordan
Jamal Lewis
Ladell Betts
Roy Williams
Darrell Jackson
Lavernues Coles
Donte Stallworth
Santonio Holmes
Jeremy Shockey
Tynes KC