Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's on Folks

Last week in a post about Fox's coverage of Iran I noted the following:

The administration is very good in getting the PR ahead of the action. Fox News this week will be followed by stories on Drudge next week.

It's on folks, brace yourselves!

Let's take a look at Drudge Report today....

We are even disparaging the French right on schedule.

Next step is the Administration send out Chertoff, Gates, and Rice on the Sunday morning talk shows to scare the public.

Where have I seen this movie before?


www.thegrandview.wordpress.com said...

Good call Phi but I still hope you're wrong about the end plan.

EzBlogger said...

Part of me says realistically they couldn't possibly go in, but then I realize they do not care what anyone else thinks. It is their moral authority to do this.