Friday, August 31, 2007

Larry "wide stance" Craig.

Senator Larry Craig of Idaho pleaded quilty of soliciting an undercover police officer. His excuse for making foot contact with the officer in the next bathroom stall is that he has a very wide stance while going to the bathroom.

The last time I heard an excuse that good was when Dennis Rodman explained to Carmen Electra that the women in his bed had just fallen from the ceiling.

While his excuse is funny, and the action of soliciting someone in the bathroom by rubbing their foot seems creepy, I do not understand what the crime is. Nobody mentions a monetary offer. What's the crime? If he were in an elevator and rubbed his foot with a woman next to him and propositioned her, again creepy but is it a crime?

I am not condoning what he did because he was married with kids when he propositioned the officer and by many accounts, this is not the first occurance. Ultimately it is people like his alter ego Senator Conservative that keeps guys like him afraid and in a closet.

Maybe he can go to the same counselor as Ted Haggard and pronounced himself cured.

1 comment: said...

You must be kidding? Rodman said that a woman fell from his ceiling? That's taking the advice, "deny. deny. deny." to a new level. wow