Saturday, August 18, 2007

Materazzi discloses his World Cup insult

Last year I had the great experience of being in Europe during the World Cup. We were in my parents birthplace of Cassino, Italy during the Semi finals and were treated to fireworks on the 4th of July as Italy won their match up (I hummed the 1812 overture to help us feel more at home).

During the Finals, we watched it with Italian relatives in England. When Zidane head butted Materazzi and got thrown out of the game, it was the turning point in the match up. It was of great controversy what Materazzi said to Zidane to provoke the attack. Personally, I thought whatever he said was immaterial, but most of the people I was with thought that was more relavent than Zidane's actions. Anyways, Materazzi has now revealed his insult and I could only imagine how Zidane would have reacted if he played in the NBA (I'm sure trash talking Larry Bird might have invoked a few riots.

MILAN, Italy -- Italy defender Marco Materazzi finally disclosed what he said to Zinedine Zidane in the World Cup final that provoked the French star to retaliate with a head-butt.

"I prefer the whore that is your sister," Materazzi said during an interview in next week's edition of Italian magazine TV Sorrisi E Canzoni, according to Italian news reports Saturday. He previously acknowledged he had insulted Zidane's sister.

Zidane head-butted Materazzi in the chest with 10 minutes left in last year's final. He was sent off for violent conduct, ending his stellar career with a red card.

Italy went on to win the game in a penalty-kick shootout after the score was 1-1 after extra time.

Materazzi, who received a two-game ban for incitement, has since apologized to Zidane.

France coach Raymond Domenech this month lauded Materazzi's strategy for getting Zidane sent off.

"I say 'bravo' to him," the coach said.

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