Friday, August 3, 2007

President Warmth

Saw this clip of Romney today that may get some legs in coverage. When he gets quizzed by a person living in the real world, he finds it hard to stay on script. Not to worry…Mitt gets right back on message and proceeds to talk down to the woman. I watched this and it reminded me of President Bush Sr. being fascinated by a scanner at the supermarket which showed how out of touch he was. Here Mitt clearly is perturbed by the woman and is pretty dismissive of her plight.

I know this is a lofty comparison, but how do you think Bill Clinton would have handled this?

Link to the video:

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EzBlogger said...

I actually think the Mass plan is a good plan. I just thought he clearly didn't relate to the woman and instead of talking too her, he talked at her.

How many average voters do you think know somebody named Mitt? said...

I rewatched this video and changed my mind about it. I thought he had excellent command of the sunject matter. I also think he answered the question (unlike most politicians) but she just didn't want to hear the answer.

EzBlogger said...

She has insurance but can't afford the co pays. She can't afford to live because she is paying $1000 a month in insurance plus high co pays, he tells her how his plan is going to get her insurance.
He didn't listen enough to talk directly to her problem.

EzBlogger said...

Ok, I can't leave this one alone. Here's how Biden handled her in a smilar situation:

Romney is not the first candidate to hear of Griffin's plight. Griffin described her situation to Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware, a Democrat, when he was last in the diner, according to Joe Klein of Time Magazine. Biden touched his forehead to hers, Klein wrote, "an awkward but touching gesture, and she shuddered into deep sobs. He hugged her."

Nobody is going to mistake Biden for a teddy bear, but at least he showed compassion to the woman. You can't solve everything, but Mitt showed no empathy for the woman.