Sunday, August 26, 2007

Quick Links (Politics edition)

I waited for the weekend to pass before posting this. Sorry Tracey and Jim, the politics free posting is over.

Why is Rudy Guiliani good for the Republican Party? Anna Quindlan explains this in her column, Disinvited to the Party.

Another Rudy link. Before Rudy was annointed savior of New York, his Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was getting better press than he was. Bill was initially the bigger NYC celebrity getting the preferred seats at restaurants. Eventually the ego's couldn't work together. On his Presidential quest, Rudy has mended the fences after 13 years with Bratton, now LAPD commissioner.

David Broder of the Washington Post examines the possibilities of a Huckabee surprise
in New Hampshire. Don't discount it, with Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney as a lead candidates anything is possible.

First Karl Rove, now Alberto Gonzales. It's been a tough week for AG AG. First he was named one of the 5 worst memebers of the Bush Administration by The Grand View. That's quite an honor when you consider the competition was fierce. Then Slate looks at the tough question of "Who should Succeed a Failure".

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