Sunday, August 12, 2007

Quick Links

Columnist and blow hard Robert Novak has an interesting piece on Hillary Clinton's lead. With most things Novak says usually you can take his ramblings with a grain of salt, but in this case he may be right.

Why Do They Hate Us?
Strange answers lie in al-Qaida's writings.

An interesting piece from Slate on Al Queda's hate for America. I always thought they hate us for our freedom, but what do I know.

Ankiel smacks Dodgers with double whammy as Cards roll
As I mentioned before, baseball always interesting nuggets like this. He came up as a pitching phenom. Despite being a very good control pitcher in the Minors, he had wildness in the bigs and retired as a pitcher in 2005. Yesterday he returned to the bigs as an outfielder and hit two homers in his first game back.

The Man Who Sleeps through the Night
An interesting article on former front runner, John McCain. I still have the feeling we haven't heard the last of his campaign.

The truth behind the Pollack-O'Hanlon trip to Iraq
Interesting analysis and interview about the OP-Ed piece writtne by Pollack and O'hanlon.

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