Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Coattails Anyone

Recently when the PD Report threw it's considerable weight behind Barack Obama's candidacy it didn't even register on the national polls. It made me wonder, if such a high powered endorsement doesn't give Obama a lift, then what is the value of endorsements at all?

Evan Bayh endorsed Hillary as did Wes Clark. Tom Harkin and Oprah lined up behind Obama. Seriously, when Oprah backs Obama I thought immediately all of her faithful minions would line up behind her. Don't her viewers have blind trust in her every recommendation? I thought they buy her book club books whether they read it or not.

All sarcasm aside, I have never given a second thought to an endorsement when voting. I think the only time I have seen an endorsement of a candidate sway voters is when Cheney produced the phony Bin Laden endorsement of Kerry before the 2004 election.

With that in mind I've been wondering if anyone (if not the PD Report) could swing this nomination. Al Gore? could help, just not enough. Jimmy Carter? No chance. Mike Dukakis? John Kerry? Walter Mondale? no! no! and No! Finally there is one and only one endorsement that is having an impact on this election. Bill Clinton.

Face it, if Hillary were married to anyone other than the best President of the past 40 years, she wouldn't be where she is. Hillary is a bright, ambitious, strong woman, but without Bill she would not be in the position of front runner. I don't mean this to demean Hillary or women but what does it say about society's acceptance of women candidates when the first legitimate female candidate rides her husband's considerable coattails?


www.thegrandview.wordpress.com said...

Bill looks like the guy who sang "The Horse with No Name."

EzBlogger said...

you think that woman next to him looks like she's keeping troops in Iraq?