Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lies Deceipt and Spying

While that title may sound like it refers to Bush's domestic agenda, it is actually referring to Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. While I do take particular delight in the Pats twisting in the wind over this since I am a Jets fan, I do think it is well deserved. This is no different than Barry Bonds taking steroids. This is clearly against the rules and ultimately done to give the Pats a competitive advantage.

If you look at the video, what the Patriots did could give them an advantage for years to come.

I'm glad to see that Roger Goodell has dropped the hammer on this and it looks like from the excerpt below that they are looking for more. Bob Kraft's initial response was that when an organization is as successful as the Patriots, people start trying to knock you off. This sounds a lot like Michael Vick's initial meeting with Goodell. I do not believe that someone hangs out on the sidelines with a camera every game and Bob didn't know. Please.

I don't understand all the flak Mangini is getting on this. If the opposing team is cheating, why shouldn't he point it out. The Jets may be 0-2 but at least they are not the league embarassment that the Patriots are,

Speaking on NBC's Football Night in America pre-game program, Goodell said he reserved his right to revisit the Patriots' penalties and increase them if more information comes to light as his investigation continues.

"If there is information that I have not been made aware of, or is inconsistent with what I've been told, I will revisit (the penalties)," Goodell said in an interview with host Bob Costas. "If I find out more information that's different than what I have, absolutely."

Goodell said he expected the Patriots to comply with his demand for past tapes and notes.

"I am very confident that the Patriots are going to abide by the rules," he said. "They understand the consequences and that I could increase the discipline if I don't get them."


www.thegrandview.wordpress.com said...

I am really surprised by your take on this, Jets fan or not. Mangini is an asshole. Every team in the league does this. Mangini has turned into the kid in class that tattletales. Ask any NFL player or coach, they all do it. The Patriots are just the fall guys.
This is the biggest "so what" ever. Yawn. I can't believe you would give this the time or space if you weren't a Jets' fan.

EzBlogger said...

How is this different than taking steroids? It's against the rules and done to give a competitive advantage.

If the league hadn't warned against cracking down on this then that is one thing, but the Pats blatantly ignored it and are getting what they deserve.

www.thegrandview.wordpress.com said...

Can you recite for me, without googling it, what the rule is......exactly?

EzBlogger said...

right after I finish your brain teasers.