Saturday, September 29, 2007

MovingOn probably counts me as one of their 3.3 million members. I've never donated money, but I have filled out some forms and done some minor work on elections through their organization. On the whole, the organization is a well intentioned group. I get about 2-3 emails a week from the organization, skimming a couple before deleting, rarely reacting to them.

Again, they are a well intentioned organization that has mostly helped the Democratic Party. They do however cross the line occasionally. The General Betray Us ad/campaign was ill conceived because it criticized a long time military officer and provided the Republicans a diversion and a rallying cry that helped to mask the surge in troops inability to achieve any of it's modest goals.

Now the Neocons are funding their own group, Freedom Watch. Currently it has not much more than a couple of rich benefactors and former White House aides (Ari Fleischer for one). Their initial objective was a $15 mil campaign to maintain Congressional support for the surge.

The group has shifted it's focus in recent weeks towards Iran policy. It sounds like they are stage 2 in the administration's attempt to scare the public about Iran.

Recently politicians feigned outrage and focused on passing a resolution on condemning an ill conceived ad campaign by MoveOn that smeared a long serving member of the military. While I don't agree with their actions on this, it pales in comparison with the sell job Freedom Watch is giving on Iran. The administration does a great job in firing up people by getting them mad about stuff that is unimportant and then use other avenues (Fox News, Limbaugh, and now Forward Watch) to scare them.

The NYTimes has an article on this group and it's intentions, but if you start reading all the signs, we are martching towards another war.

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