Thursday, September 27, 2007


These are some of the most electrifying athletes of my life time. Obviously this is a very subjective list, but my only criteria in coosing them is in order of who I would pay to see?

10. Michael Jordan. I know having HIM this far down the list is heresy to some. He is probably the most gifted athlete of all time. Even though he is widely considered the greatest player in history of his sport, he left in his wake an NBA that was less entertaining than he arrived. Too much isolation and individual play which he ushered in almost killed the NBA with it's fanbase. It is only now recovering. Still, as I said...the most gifted athlete of all time.

9. Wayne Gretzky. Back when hockey was a sport, the Great One was the best ever. Like Magic Johnson with skates.

8. Jimmy Conners. yes Jimmy Conners. Tennis was more entertaining when it wasn't all about a big power serve. Jimmy was all about hustle.

7. Magic Johnson. Good for several passes a game that leave you shaking your head.

6. Marvelous Marvin Hagler. Mike Tyson, Mohammad Ali, and Sugar Ray Leonard were probably better showmen, but to me Hagler was the best boxer I ever saw.

5. Pedro Martinez. I am a bigger Clemens fan than Martinez, but boy can he pitch. He changed himself from one of the greatest power pitchers to one of the greatest finesse pitchers.

sorry no Pedro videos.

4. Jerry Rice. Greatest football player ever(despite the fact I list someone higher). May not have been the most glamorous, but definitely the best. Incidentally was on Howard Stern's radio show and gave the most interesting interview I have ever heard him give.

3. Tiger Woods. maybe the most amazing shot I ever saw him hit was from the deep rough 191 yards out over a tree within 4 feet of the cup WITH A PITCHING WEDGE.

2. Larry Bird. I feel like I am cheating on him by listing THE GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER OF ALLTIME as #2. Do not dispute this. Larry was a better passer, rebounder, outside shooter than MJ. Not as good of an individual defender but played great team defense (didn't he Isiah?)

1 Barry Sanders. If you were a defender, at any moment of any game you could put your head down to make a tackle only to come up with air and have to relive your missed tackle on every highlight reel.

without further ado.....

Honorable mentions to Pete Rose Jack Nicklaus, Deion Sanders, Derek Jeter (yes Derek Jeter), Roger Clemens, Joe Montana, Shaq O'neil, and Carl Lewis.

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How can you possibly have a top 10 of electrifying athletes and not list Bobby Orr?

EzBlogger said...

sorry, I'm too young. Never saw Bobby play a single game. said...

Sorry, missed the "in my lifetime" bit. You would have loved him.