Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Quick Links

If you haven't seen Apple's new lineup of IPOD's, here are the details from their announcement today. Cool stuff!!

Fred. Fred. Fred. I've been confused with the Fred Thompson fascination. After reading this article, I still am. Interesting guy with an interesting background? yes. Anything special that makes him a Presidential candidate? no.

I do like Tony Snow, but I do find this article a little amusing and a little hypocritical. Tony Snow quit his job as White House Press Secretary because he couldn't make ends meet on $168,000 a year. The article shows how his management of his personal life and finances differ from the public stance of the administration.

One more article on a Republican today. The globe has an article on a website that may be my new favorite website. I find the scroll of Romney's positions of the moment as mesmerizing as staring into the firepit.

On my way to read a Vanity Fair article on Al Gore, I ran across this article on billions of missing money in Iraq. Read this and then go back and go back and view this video of Katrina.

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