Thursday, September 6, 2007

The "Real" Rudy

In the aftermath of 9/11 both Rudy Guiliani and President Bush's approval ratings skyrocketed. Eventually people came to realize with Bush is that he is "all hat and no cattle" as he was once called.

But Rudy immediately faded into the background as he was term limited as mayor. He hasn't held a public service job since so his approval ratings have stayed high. It's fair to aske what did he do during 9/11 other than provide a good public face during the crisis? Probably better questions are what did he do before and after the crisis.

He was part of the 9/11 commission but missed the first two meetings due to speaking engagements. He resigned that role with pressure from the commission chairs that if he couldn't commit to being part of the meetings then he shouldn't be on the comission. I don't begrudge anyone the opportunity to make money, but here was a central figure from 9/11 that felt speaking engagements were more important than understanding what happened.

Maybe he could have shed some light on the following video that shows how poor decision making by Guiliani may have played a role so many fire fighters losing their lives. I guess the most concerning part is his revisionist history on the location of the command center despite documentation that showed other recommendations.

Viewing this has made me realize that the only difference between Bush and Rudy is that Rudy doesn't provide lip service to the religious right. All talk and no action.

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