Sunday, September 23, 2007

Reigning Champs

This year I took the insulting step by renaming my Fantasy team "the Reigning Champs" and making the team symbol a rotating Super Bowl Trophy. We are three weeks in to the Extreme Fantasy Football League season and my team is shaping pretty well and at least in the hunt.

At quarterback, I have Tom Brady who is probably the Fantasy Leader for quarterbacks and his back up Jake Delhomme is also having a good year (although he got hurt today). The way this is shaping up, Brady is a steal for the money I spent.

Running back is working out better than expected but is presenting challenges. We are in an auction league so I spent $72 for Shaun Alexander. He has done well, just not 40% of my team value well. Conversely I spent $8 on Jamal Lewis and $3 on Lamont Jordan, both are doing great. Other good back ups include Ahman Green, Ledell Betts and Chris Brown. Right now I am trying to move some back ups and Delhomme for an upgraded receiver.

Receiving is surprisingly tough, Roy Williams has been the stud receiver that I had hoped for but no one is stepping up from the combination of Laveraneaus Coles, Santonio Holmes, Darell Jackson, and Jeremy Shockey. Donte Stallworth was a 1st week cut.

Tynes has done ok for a kicker, one of these days I will get around to looking for an upgrade. Chicago D has been ok, but frankly I would rather pick the defence that plays the Bears and Grossman each week.

After 3 weeks I am 2-1 taking a tough loss this week despite good weeks from Brady and Williams (and having Jordan on the bench.

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