Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Theories from the Grassy Knoll

Let me start by saying, I love conspiracy theories. I make up many of my own. Most of them (including mine) are total BS. With the 9/11 anniversaries, conspiracy theorists are out in force. I saw this video yesterday of a theory that the WTC's were taken out by planned demolition. I will comment on the theories below the video.

911 inside job bush is a devil and so is blair

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According to Richard Clarke's book Against All Enemies (which I highly recommend), Richard's states something to the effect that in order to believe that a conspiracy could be true, you have to believe that people are able to keep a secret. Given the scale of the demolition, dozens of people would have needed to keep a secret. Is that remotely possible? Not in my opinion.

Then there is the PD theory. In order for this conspiracy to be true, you also have to suspend disbelief that this administration could actually execute something of this scale without F$@#ing it up. That alone is enough to convince me. These buffoons couldn't plan a 4 year old birthday party never mind execute the demolition of the most visible buildings in the Manhattan skyline.

This website has some details that debunk the WTC 7 demolition theory.

We all witnessed the planes going in on TV hundreds of times. I'm still surprised how well the WTCs held up after impact long enough for most people to flee.

The more popular conspiracy theory involves flight 77 into the Pentagon. This one is much more convincing.

Good theory. Let's start with an eyewitness list:
I know that 200+ people can be wrong, just thing of how many people voted for Bush (twice).

Not good enough? how about a forensic study?

If witnesses and a forensic study aren't enough, here is some additional evidence Lot's of pictures and other evidence.

I guess if none of this is believable, maybe the prospective new Attorney General Ted Oleson can look into it if he gets sworn in. After all, his wife was on the plaNE.

All these crazy theories, next thing you are going to tell me is that the Patriots cheat.

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