Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saying Good Bye

A couple of months ago I wrote about having to give up our dog because she got into a fight with a neighborhood dog. Mia has been in boarding since ealy August while we sought to find her a permanent home. We went to visit her once to give her new landlords more of her pills, and it was difficult to see her.

Today we got lucky on two fronts. First, through some contacts given to us by my friend Rob, we were able to find a shelter that would keep her despite her dog aggression. We picked her up today and brought her to her vet (and my son's soccer game) and then brought her to the new shelter. We said our emotional good bye since this would definitely be our last time seeing Mia and headed out.

Just now, half way though writing this post, we received a call from the shelter saying that the person that we referred the shelter to would be adopting Mia. Both my wife and I are relieved and saddened because she is now really gone. Her new owner picks her up at 10:00 tomorrow.

Good Bye Mia! We will miss you!

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Tough decisions Phil but you made the right ones.