Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Tonight my wife and I had the pleasure of seeing our th Springsteen concert together. We have seen 4 E Street band performances and 3 solo shows. Overall it was a great night out since we haven't had many sans children in a bit. Any night out with my lovely wife is great but a night out, seeing Springsteen, a baby gorilla and a monkey is a treat (someone will get those references)

A few weeks back one of the Stern show regulars was saying to Bon Jovi that he is grateful to guys like him and Springsteen for writing new material because it gives him time to go to the bathroom during concerts. Ironically I was quoting him in the morning and saw him at the concert this evening, but I digress.

I was also saying today that I would love to plan a set list for a Springsteen concert. If I had, only two of the songs from tonight would have made the list. Of my favorite 40 or so Springsteen songs, only two were performed tonight. If you think that means it was a disappointing show you are wrong. This was another fantastic performance hitting songs from throughout his song library and weaving them together like only he can.

Gone are the days where Bruce performs for 4 hours. Tonight's show was two and a half hours of non stop rocking. My wife and I have seen many concerts (U2, Police, Rolling stones, Paul McCartney, Madonna, Green Day, REM, Bowie, Bon Jovi to name a few), but the E Street Band is by far the best. You really forget how great each of the musicians in the band are.

I had heard a few complaints about ending the show with American Land (as in the video above). This song is a little bluegrass from his Seeger Sessions CD. This song may have been the highlight of the show. They brought down the house with this foot stomping, earth shaking, heart braking, air conditioner breaking E STREET BAND.

I would also like to note since my previous post talks about getting back in shape that when I came home tonight I went for a midnight run.

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