Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quick Links

Bill Clinton is quietly disarming some of his former critics making it harder for them to criticize HRC. There is something troubling about the efforts the Clintons are making in suppressing coverage, whether it is taking phony questions or disarming critics. As much as I like and admire Bill, there is something...Bushlike about how much they are manipulating coverage.

I am probably one of the few Antoine Walker fans. Back in 2006 when the Heat won their championship and Antoine got his taste of a championship after several long years in Boston, I was very happy for him. Now that the Celtics fortunes are changing, so are Antoine's. After an off season that saw him and his girlfriend get robbed at gunpoint, things are not exactly looking up for employee#8.

Business Week has an interesting article on what they call ITV. While it seems like the way we view tv content has changed dramatically over the last few years, it could change even more dramatically if studios and cable companies can figure it out. (seems like a few years ago we were saying this about the now deceased music industry).

More commentary that OBama's sppech that I mentioned yesterday could catapult his campaign.

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