Monday, January 14, 2008

Assorted Thoughts on the 2008 Elections

It is great to see that an underfunded candidate like Mike Huckabee can come from down the pack to becoming a front runner without one single political consultant working for his campaign. That said, he would be the worst President of the lot, so please go away.

The band teacher at Hope High has produced some famous musicians, first a sax player now a bass player.

A John McCain Presidency scares me because of the potential he will preemptively attack Iran. Other than that, he may be the best of the lot.

Fred Thompson would be the laziest President since, um, George W Bush.

I've seen it 15 times and I am convinced the only thing real about Hillary crying was the real impact it had on the voting public.

John Kerry's endorsement of Barack Obama might have had more impact (instead of no impact) had he done it just before the NH election. With momentum swinging against Hillary, that was the time to put her away.

I know of one person who has said he will leave the country if Barack Obama is elected for no other reason than he is black. One more good reason to vote Obama!

If Mitt loses Michigan and is essentially eliminated from the race, it will be a shame we are no longer going to be able to watch the Romney Family (phoney) Reality Show.

If the Democratic Primary continues to be tight, the real power at the Convention will lie at the hands of John Edwards. That is the only reason he is sticking around.

John Edwards is the Muke Huckabee of the Democratic Primary.

I will never understand why Rudy decided against campaigning in New Hampshire. Iowa I can understand, but by staying out of it he opened the door for McCain.

The Clintons injecting race into the race is nothing more than reminding voters that Obama is black. On top of that bringing up cocaine use is scaring people. In elections that are decided by a few thousand votes, playing into people's fears could convince enough voters on the margins to sway a state or two.

Obama may not win, but his strategy was sound. While his advisers were on him in August and September to give more fire into his speeches he resisted saying people would burn out on them and he would save them for the sprint to the finish. Instead he focused on giving a lot of policy speeches boring but substantive. Now he is being criticized for nor focusing enough on policy.

The thought of Hillary and Barack being on the same ticket is very remote. There is genuine dislike between them, especially from Clinton who is mad because he is destroying her invincibility.

Hillary Clinton spent $40mil getting reelected as Senator of New York, when she was basically running unopposed. Any of that money could have been transferred into her Presidential Campaign war chest. How much do you think she wishes that she didn't waste all that money?

Sometimes when I listen to Ron Paul I think he is right on the issues. He also has the most passionate supporters. Other times I wonder who is crazier, him or his supporters.

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