Thursday, January 31, 2008

Conservatives are Stupid

The other day I may have offended a few people by saying anyone that forwarded the Obama email was short on braincells. Tonight I am going to offend a few more people by explaining why Conservatives are stupid. It would actually be troubling to say such a thing about so many people, but I am sure most of them can not read.

I am not talking about Republicans as a whole and not even Conservatives in the traditional sense. I am referring to the Rush listening, Ann Coulter reading, Bill O'Reilly watching, Dennis and Callahan listening (Boston reference), conservative.

I have often wondered about some Conservative principles. They believe in the sanctity of life, but want to kill people that have committed crimes. They believe in smaller government, but want the government to regulate decency on tv and radio. They believe in the free market to decide, but do not trust women to decide. But those are policy issues. The real thing that made me think conservatives are nuts is that I listened to John Gibson on Fox Talk on Sirius radio. Caller after caller called to the host to describe how much they couldn't stand John McCain. The venom towards John McCain was unbelievable. Most of them said they would vote for Hillary rather than see McCain win.

The reasons have all been well documented by now. They ranged from campaign finance reform to opposing Bush's tax cuts, but the single biggest cause of this anger was because McCain partnered with Ted Kennedy on immigration. While I understand the passion on the immigration issue, the amazing thing was the callers that were raising the concerns. The callers complaining while I was listening were from South Dakota, New Hampshire and Wyoming. If you can think of three states with less of an immigration problem than these states, let me know. What I think is that more likely is that these people were whipped into a frenzy of hate by the aforementioned trio (Limbaugh. Coulter, O'Reilly) led by Rush Limbaugh.

McCain is a conservative, has one of the more conservative records in the Senate. What amazes me is that for basically three or four issues, he is the pariah to a good portion of the party. I don't get it. Most of these people are going to vote for Romney (who has hired immigrants to work on his house) because of McCain's stance on immigration.

Immigration is a serious issues, and saying you are going to deport 12 million people in 90 days is an irresponsible lie (not that Romney is above pandering and lying). Rush and his mindless minions are not helping the issue by creating an environment that is so hot that it is political suicide to address it seriously. Thus, it will not get addressed at all.

If you are a conservative capable of thinking for yourself, I don't see how you can have so much anger towards McCain.

Here's Rush Limbaugh spinning the McCain win in Florida. Get over it Rush, move on. Or is it maybe President Hillary Clinton would be good for his career?

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DB said...

To be honest though, I am loving the fact McCain is doing so well. Conservatives have lost their party to moderates. Maybe they will see their lost cause, perhaps they will realize their views are out of date and truly out of touch with society. This isn't about the war anymore as we all know McCain's stance...they are losing their followers due to their far right stances now.