Sunday, January 13, 2008

RIP Rudy 2008

As recently at December 29th, Rudy Giuliani was leading in the national polls on Rasmussen's Daily Tracking Report. National polls mean nothing, but certainly most felt that Rudy was the front runner. Today, just 2 weeks later he is 5th in the National polls polling below 10%. Rudy staked his entire campaign on winning Florida at the end of January and catapulting that into success in the Super Tuesday states.

If they give out awards for dumbest campaign strategies ever, he would win hands down. He has basically staked his entire campaign on winning Florida. The pathetic thing is that he is now second in the polls to McCain and when McCain wins South Carolina, he will we even further back. Without the win in Florida, he is essentially done before he started.

It didn't really have to be this way, Rudy used to poll second in NH after Romney, had he campaigned seriously there, he could have leapfrogged Romney when he faltered after Iowa. There is no reason Rudy could not have competed in New Hampshire. From there he could have made a run at Michigan and it would be him instead of McCain that jumped to front runner status.

What a mess! From the same guy that hired Bernie Kerik, Rudy is showing that bad judgment isn't limited to hiring. By not competing in the early contests, he has essentially taken himself out of the conversation.

And I thought Fred Thompson was lazy.


Anonymous said...

Ah Rudy, we hardy knew ye. Thanks God.

Ez Blogger said...


Next Up Fred Thompson