Thursday, January 10, 2008


I am done whining after my post yesterday. I managed to get through some campaign analysis and some game recaps from the Celtics game. I managed to get through them without crying, which brings me to the subject of tonight's post.

Hillary Clinton won a surprising victory in New Hampshire after being well back in the polls to Obama. Much of the post election analysis points to her crying episode (video below) winning over people by showing her human side.

I do not dislike Hillary, in some respects I admire her. I do not doubt she has very good qualities as a person which we will never see. If you have any doubts of her qualities as a person, take one look at what a successful, poised, responsible adult her daughter Chelsea has become and think about the environment she grew up in. You can't get that way without strong loving parents.

As for the crying episode I can only conclude the following. Either it was as I believe an attempt to show her human side and endear her to the public or it was a melt down from the stress of campaigning.

What I don't understand is how after seeing this, it swayed people to vote for her. Let's say it was genuine. I understand that these are 17 hour days, every day and the road can get very grueling but the campaign is the easy part. The job is the hard part. Why does every President age 20 years over an 8 year period? (Except Bush, who just doesn't care enough to be stressed) If you can't handle the campaign, you can't handle the job. It is one thing to cry over a death or loss, it is another for a President to show weakness due to stress and fatigue. Crying on the campaign should not be an endearing trait for a President.

On the other hand it was more likely staged. This would also not be an endearing trait. Given it's success though, I would expect waterworks from Slick Mitt.

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Anonymous said...

Some day soon, I will tell you all I know about Hillary Clinton. None of it is good and all it is based on fact. I have stories about her and Vince Foster, the secret service, cattle futures, her relationship with Bill and a myriad of other things. She is a tireless worker for no one other than her own ambitions. If you believe otherwise, you've had the wool pulled over your eyes.
Make no mistake that the crying episode was the handy work of a calculating handler. Watch the video of Bill on my site doing exactly the same thing.