Tuesday, March 4, 2008

First Take- Math Still Doesn't Add Up

Quick look at the exit polls and when you do the math, it looks like Hillary is going to have a mixed night. It looks like she is going to squeak out 3 wins by very narrow margins. RI and Ohio look to be about 3-4 point Clinton wins and Texas polling shows about a 1% difference with Hillary on top.

Setting aside the fact I think that Barack will still win Texas based on the early voting which doesn't show up in exit polls and then perform better in the caucus tonight, exit polls show lead of HRC in Ohio 51-48, RI 51-48 and Texas 49-48. If you plug in all three of these to the Slate Delegate counter then Hillary would pick up 1 delegate in Rhode Island, 5 in Ohio, and 3 in Texas. These 9 pickups would be offset by the 3 lost in Vermont. All of that for a net pick up of 6 delegates.

I'm sure the results will swing somewhat, maybe the margin of victory for Clinton may expand in some states, but again she falls short of the best case scenario I painted last night in which she picked up 15 delegates and realized that she was still out of it.

Much will be said about Hillary's 3 wins if she does pull them out, the larger story is that this just confirms that it's over.

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