Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Little Diversion

Tonight I got a chance to see the best NBA team in the league beat up the second best team in their conference. It was a welcome break from the political coma I have been in lately. Tonight I got to witness firsthand why Kevin Garnett is the league MVP. He is such a gifted phenomenal athlete/

Tonight the Celtics beat the Pistons in a game that clinched the playoffs for them. While it has been obvious since the day they got Garnett that they would get there, it was nice to be there when it became official.

The Celtics are the best team in the league. In my mind, the only team that can beat them in a playoff series is San Antonio. What a great series that will be. However, having wathced this game wire to wire, it became obvious that the Sam Cassell signing is as significant as any of the other moves Danny Ainge has made, excluding the Garnett traded. When Rajon Rondo wasn't in the game tonight, the Pistons pressed, and the Celtics had trouble getting into offensive sets. That won't be a problem when Sam Cassell comes.

The Celtics bench now has James Posey, Sam Cassell, Tony Allen, Eddie House. the continuing surprising play of Big Baby Davis and Leon Powe, and the newly arrived PJ Brown. If someone can think of a better bench in the league, I would like to know.

Then there is the simple matter that the bench only plays a supporting role to Garnett, Pierce, and Ray Allen. This team is scary good.

One last thought though on how good Kevin Garnett is. Kevin Garnett may be as good as Larry Bird. He is a force in all aspects of the game. A great shooter, scorer, passer, rebounder, and defender. It is hard to argue that him and Bird were among the best at making their teammates better. For now I will still say that Larry and his three championship rings was better. Kevin has a little catching up to do, but the supporting cast is there for him to try.

Oh, and one more thing. The math STILL doesn't work. 4 delegates she picked up last night. Not gonna work!!! But I digress.......

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