Sunday, March 9, 2008

Random Stupidity From the Campaign Sidelines

There seems to be a lot of discussion on how Obama can't get to the 2025 delegates he would need without SuperDelegates. No $hit. In order to have a majority of pledged delegates, all he would need is 1627, he is at 1392. The 2025 number is a majority when pledged and supers are added together. To get 2025 without any super's support, a candidate would need 62% of the totaled pledged delegates. To do this they would need to win each caucus or primary by about 67-33. Not going to happen. The way this is set up, you need the Supers.

The myth that Obama hasn't won any big states is a mystery. Obama won huge victories in Virginia and Missouri. Flipping either of those states in 2000 or 2004 win the election for Gore and Kerry. Add to that victories in other battleground states like Iowa, Wisconsin, Washington and Minnesota and he is in much better chance to win than Hillary, even without Ohio and Pennsylvania. Do you think that New York or California would vote republican? Get real. Even if Obama loses Pennsylvania, remember this is a state in a very anti republican mood these days. Bob Casey beat incumbant Senator Rick Santorum despite the fact that Bob Casey was such a bad candidate, that his campaign had him making only one appearance a week in the month before the election. Barack would win Pennsylvania if Al Sharpton were his running mate.

Does anyone not see through this BS talk about Barack being Hillary's VP? Is there a more disingenuous overture to steal votes from another candidate than this? Is anyone dumb enough to see through this? I shouldn't say that, I live in Massachusetts where Hillary had a 15 point win.

I thought it was funny that Huffington Post dug up old stories about how when Hillary ran for Senate, her campaign had someone dressed as Uncle Sam follow Rick Lazio around demanding that he make his taxes public. I can't wait to see how Bill made his money last year!!!

Why is it that nobody except Tim Russert has pushed hard on the issues of the papers being released from the Clinton archive? Let's see the schedules with lobbyists. Let's see the advice she gave on pardons, particularly the FALN pardons. Let's get some insight to her extensive work on bringing about world peace.

When Hillary Clinton dismisses Barack as being a light weight you may want to ask her how wise it was for her to call Vladamir Putin "soul less". Haven't we had enough of the diplomacy through name calling from Bush? Seriously, a potential President calling the head of Russia "soul less" is a stupid way to start diplomacy.

I always like these ironic stories that show up that mean nothing, but provide a little diversion to the daily grind. The little girl in the 3am ad was taken from stock footage. Evidently that was taken 8 years ago. She is now 18 and was a precinct captain for Obama in Washington state.

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