Friday, June 13, 2008

Simply the Best

Today the best political journalist, Tim Russert, passed away unexpectedly today. Tim was undoubtedly the far and away best of his industry. While I rarely got the chance to watch Meet the Press on Sunday, I religiously download the podcast and listen to it each week. Every Friday I would receive the MTP newsletter and would be excited to see who would be on his show.

I remember a couple of years ago flipping channels to find Tim Russert interviewing Elizabeth Edwards. What on the surface seemed like a bland interview had me practically (ok, actually) in tears 5 minutes later. Tim conducted an unbelieveable interview which struck an incredible balance while discussing the death of her son. He was sympathetic and gentle yet managed to coax such a depth of undertstanding of the emotion and anguish that followed her son's death.

As an interviewer, Tim had the persistence to keep cross examining his subjects until they left their talking points behind. Not too long ago, John McCain took quite a drilling and at the end of his interview, John McCain joked he had received less harsh interrogation by the Vietnamiese. He was the Wayne Gretzky of his field, far and away the best. It's hard to imagine going through this important election cycle without the best candidate vetter in the business.

Rest in peace Tim, you will be missed.

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