Sunday, June 1, 2008

Three More Days????

Since Barack unofficially won the nomination when he won North Carolina and narrowly lost Indiana, I have basically ignored Hillary Clinton. She is pretty irrelevant at this point as far as the race is concerned, but still in it to make trouble.

This weekend after the DNC rules committee met made big concessions on Michigan and Florida, her people went ballistic since nobody bought the full line of BS they were selling. Since Florida wasn't a contested race, giving them 50% delegate cut was more than generous. Michigan on the otherhand should have either been sat 50-50 or not at all. It was a gesture of good will that they gave Clinton a majority of delegates that she did not deserve.

When all was said and done, Harold Ickes went off complaining that they reserved their right to appeal to the credentials committee. This is the same guy that voted to give them 0 delegates 9 months ago.

A day later Terry McAulliffe is again on TV reserving the right to go to the credentials committee. This is the same guy that when he was DNC chairman told Carl Levin that if he moved the primary up in 2004, he would get no delegates and not to cross him on the matter. I guess different jobs require different ethical standards and working for Hillary requires no ethical standards.

It wouldn't really be an issue except it leaves some of Hillary's base very riled up and buying into their totally bullshit arguments. This knucklehead drove from Manhattan to the DNC Rules Committee meeting in Washington to make a complete idiot of herself. Can this really be good for the party?

To save your last ounce of dignity, Hillary must withdraw Wednesday at the latest and do it in a manner in which she throws her genuine support behind the nominee Barack Obama.

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I think you are going to get your wish. However, I would bet right now that any endorsement will come with baggage and/or back handed compliments.