Saturday, July 19, 2008

A $5,000,000 Birthday Bash

There were recent reports of Barack coming to Boston on August 4th. After inquiring with the campaign I got the following details on the fund raising.

Here are the details from Hannah Banks, who is involved with the Steering Committee:

We just got word that Senator Barack Obama will be celebrating his 47th birthday with us in Boston on Monday August 4th. Since Massachusetts isn't exactly a battleground state, this may be your last chance to see the next President in person. The official invitation will be available soon, but here are the details:

The State Room, 60 State Street, Boston

4:00 Doors Open - Birthday Celebration Reception
Sponsor - $4,600
Friend - $2,300
Guest - $1,000
Senator Obama will speak at about 5:30 p.m.
(maximum: about 800 people)

5:00 pm Birthday Dinner & Photo with Senator Obama
- A dinner for $28,500 per couple* (or $14,250 per person). This
includes the reception and a photo line with Senator Obama (maximum:
about 250 people)

You can contribute now to secure your place by clicking here.

Just Doing the quick math, on the night dinner 250 people x $14,250 donation = $3.6 mil. The earlier event, the minimum would be 400 couples paying $3300 or roughly $1.3 mil.

$5 million day. Not a bad way to spend 5 hours on his birthday.

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