Saturday, July 12, 2008


Yesterday after a trip to the Doctor's office I was informed that my post vacation exhaustion was less about my cruise to Bermuda and more about lime disease. That was my excuse to be laid up today (other than mowing the lawn) and setting up the new software on my iphone.

Yesterday I spent my day (other than the Dr's office) in iPhone hell. I do not have the new 3g, I was upgrading the old phone. As has been well documented, Apple did their best impression of Microsoft and screwed up the launch of their new product. The servers were busy and wouldn't let people activate their new phones or restore their old ones. By the end of the day, that was resolved.

So after getting the basics set up yesterday, today I added the bells and whistles (since I was way to0 sick to be productive).

Today I added a bunch of new apps from their app store. I downloaded about 15 free applications. The apps alone are worth the upgrade.

One of the apps I downloaded was Ereader which allows you to download books to your iPhone. It came with a couple of sample books to try. Seems pretty easy to use and the books on their site seem relatively cheap.

There is also a great NyTimes app which downloads content that you can read when you have no connection. Great for those deadspots (like the bathrooms at work).

I also downloaded a couple of games. Mindless arcade stuff. More quality free stuff from EA and Sega are available for sale.

The new AIM app is great as well. I used it a couple of times on the already and is as seamless as the app you use from your computer.

AOL's music app let's you listen on line to several hundred radio stations across the country. Stations from WFAN in New York to WBCN and WBZ in Boston all streaming live through this app.

A great look app that I didn't download yet is Shazam. I can't wait to download it. If you hold your Iphone to a music source, Shazam will tell you the artist. 90 reviews already averaging 4.5 stars.

As for the new features, you can now click you tube links in a webpage and it directs you to the youtube video. This is a nice win.

One App that is not yet available (only available for jailbroken phones is Usirius from MillardSoftware. This allows you to stream Sirius through the iPhone with your Sirius subscription.

Sadly no Adobe Flash or copy and paste features, for those I would be willing to upgrade the phone.

Overall, the upgrade was well worth the initial pain of setting it up. Unfortunately I am feeling much better so I won't get to spend the day with it tomorrow.

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