Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just Go Away

I was driving home tonight listening Sirius Left radio and they had on a Hillary Clinton supporter that refuses to admit she lost. The guy was about as creepy and completely illogical as you can get. I recommend going to his equally creepy website which is basically a cry for help.

I seriously almost broke down a few weeks ago and nearly made a donation to help retire Hillary's debt. Thank God the fever broke. Today Hillary's campaign sent around a special offer on a T-shirt. I thought it would make a great gift for my brother Mike, but again decided to pass.

For those Hillary Clinton supporters (you too Bill) that refuse to acknowledge that she mismanaged her money in her Senate campaign, mis managed every aspect of her Presidential campaign and then ran up the biggest campaign debt in history just go away.

To Hillary's credit she has said all the right things since dropping out. Reality came late, but it came. That's more than I can say for Bill and these dolts.

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Anonymous said...

Pass on the tee shirt.