Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Other" Options

Mark Halperin had a teaser today suggesting that McCain could pick a candidate outside of conventional wisdom. So who could possibly be on that list?

Joe "Bleeping" Lieberman. Recent Rasmussen polls showed him with the highest favorability ratings of any potential candidate. Seriously? Who the f#$! likes this guy. In his own state he has favorability ratings less than 40%. The thought of Joe Lieberman joining the ticket would fire up Democrats more than anyone else.

Carly Fiorina. A terrible CEO of Hewlett Packard, but could bring in big money to McCain. In a campaign that struggles with message discipline, Carly should fit right in. She is known to put her foot in her mouth. Her tenure at HP saw a big down turn and lots of layoffs, but she escaped with a $40 million parachute. Fits right in.

Lindsey Graham. I'm surprised that he isn't on top of the list. There is no Senate crony that is more up Senator McCain's ass than Lindsey Graham. These two spend more time together than Barney and Fred.

Bill Gates. Ok, I don't think he has any shot, but I have seen him mentioned by Politico. Bill Gates? The guy that gave us Windows Vista? This would be the funnest campaign to run against. I'd get that guy from the Apple commercials to do Obama's commercials. Bill Gates? Why not George Bush instead? I bet he has higher approval rates. Bill Gates?

Robert Gates. A pretty good job as the SecDef. Would be pretty hard to go after the ticket on national security issues. The negative is it would further reinforce the notion that John McSame is George Bush's third term.

Jeb Bush. He would fire up the base like no one else. Unfortunately the 70% of the country that aren't right wingers would be scared $hitless.

Michael Bloomberg. I'm really surprised this guy hasn't gotten more play. He may have trouble settling into a # 2 role but so would most of the people listed above. In an election about the economy, who better than a guy that ran New York City after being a successful business man (much more than Romney for instance).

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