Thursday, July 24, 2008

A World That Stands As One

I watched a little of Obama's speech in Germany today. From the parts I saw, he gave a very good but safe speech. By safe I mean that he was careful in not making it a rah rah campaign speech. He was careful to stay away from major policy issues that would be inappropriate since he is not the President of the United States.

What he did do was invoke a sense of pride not seen in American politics since Ronald Reagan. Bush sr certainly didn't invoke it. Pre Lewinsky, maybe Bill Clinton did but his later actions ultimately undermined it. W has taken pride and virtually extinguished it.

Today's event may not have been the pivotal moment of the campaign, that will come on August 28th. It was actually humorous watching Republican surrogates try to criticize the event. Much of the criticism focused on how in appropriate it was to make a speech on foreign soil (forgetting for the moment that McCain did that just last month).

When was the last time a President could enhance your pride in the country? The policies that he stands for are important, but almost as important is what he brings to a wounded but strong sense of American Pride.

If you missed it, it's worth the time to watch.

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Mike said...

Can you believe that some people are finding negative things to say about this tour? Sheesh.