Saturday, August 23, 2008

Being Joe Biden

Barack Obama's pick of Joe Biden is a great selection. Adding someoneof his foreign policy gravitas adds the most important factor you can choose in a running mate, someone that qualified to be President. It also shows Obama is willing to have people in his administration tgat will challenge him. It takes a secure candidate to take someone as dominant of a personality as Biden.

Before running the country, they have to get elected first. I don't think he is the game changer that the picks I mentioned yesterday are, but he is the next closest thing. Quite frankly none of them would have done it anyways.

So what does he add to the campaign?

The GOP is already up with a video of Biden questioning Obama's credentials. That's great because if McCain does pick Romney, it opens the door to air some of their venemous exchanges. If McCain picks Pawlenty, poor Tim may not ever recover his credibilty after Biden kills him in the debates. That makes two VP picks that would be undermined by picking Biden. Picking Lieberman would give him some that can hang in the debates but would leave a lot of conservatives sitting at home.

By no means does this wrap up the nomination, but it certainly gives Obama a fighting chance.

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I would have liked to see someone else but this is a very good pick.