Friday, August 1, 2008

The Low Road

On Saturday of last week Barack Obama returned from a wildly successful trip abroad to Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Germany, France, and England. On Sunday he was greeted to the following ad:

Besides the fact that he used an image of Obama visiting the troops to make the case that he didn't visit the troops, there are rumors that he had another ad ready to hit him if he did visit the troops.

If that wasn't enough of a cheap shot despite being widely panned as being an inaccurate cheap shot, the McCain camp moved on to their "Celebrity Ad".

Third rate? yes. Demeaning? yep. Low Road? Absolutely. But that's where he's going to leave it right? He's not going to go lower than those two ads?

The Messiah web ad.

This one I have to admit is at least funny. Surely the American Public can see through this campaign of distraction. After Bush ran twice and won using the same techniques, surely people are not going to be fooled again.

Take a look at these national pole numbers from Gallup.

There is a reason they are doing these seemingly low rent ads.....because they work. A Republican operative summed it up best by saying "if the election is about John McCain, we lose, if it is about Barack Obama we have a chance".

John McCain has accused Obama of being willing to lose a war to win an election but it truly looks like he has sold his dignity to win.

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