Saturday, September 13, 2008

In Her Own Words

If there is any question about Sarah Palin's support for the Bridge to Nowhere, let me put it to rest. This was written by her as a candidate for Governor for the Alaska Journal.

Sarah Palin, Republican

During the last legislative session, there were a number of big-ticket items around the state that were partially funded in the capital budget. This includes the Juneau road, the bridge to Gravina Island and the Knik Arm Crossing. All of these projects require a long-term commitment of funding in order to complete their construction. My evaluation and position is one of balancing the need to keep developing our state toward the future - but also making sure our state has sufficient resources to actually build all of these projects.

As governor, it would be my goal to see to progress on the bridge projects, with the Legislature's concurrence. Our lawmakers will help set the state priorities after much public input and debate. Communities and individuals who are affected by these proposed projects will continue discussing their concerns and desires throughout planning stages, and they will be listened to.

Almost $200 million has already been directed toward getting these projects started, but this represents less than half of what ultimately must be spent. As each project moves forward, the state will need to continue securing the necessary combination of federal, state, local and private funding sources envisioned. For example, the financing plan for the Knik Arm Crossing calls for the inclusion of toll fees. The efforts of the Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority (KABATA) could also continue to be supported by the state. The authority is a political subdivision of the state, and can also offer opportunities to access tax-exempt and other financing from the capital markets.

This really isn't a big deal. Governors request funding from the Federal Government all the time. Every basis for selecting her as VP has turned out to be false, can we now just say that the only reason she was picked was that she is a pro life woman?

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