Friday, September 19, 2008

The List

I read about 20 news blogs, most of them are title "the blank" as in The Page, The Caucus, The Swamp, The Fix, The Trail, and the Daily Dish. So today I bring you The List. Actually, it's a bunch of lists. Nothing too deep here today, just a few lists to end a pretty difficult week.

First Up.
Best Obama and McCain Surrogates

  1. Claire McCaskill. Right on message every single time. Tough and factual.
  2. Hillary Clinton. She has been a good soldier since losing. I imagine we will see a lot of her in October.
  3. Joe Lieberan. For those that don't know Joe Lieberman, it is very effective for McCain to trot out a former Dem as a leading pit bull. For those that do know him, they realize that he is just a jerk.
  4. John Kerry. He honed his skills as a campaigner, now that his primary is over he will be out there much more.
  5. Mitt Romney. Crisp and on message despite being an insufferable bore and a slithery human.
Worst Obama and McCain Surrogates.
  1. Carly Fiorina. She said what? Does she know that she got fired from HP because SHE could not run HP?
  2. Bill Richardson. Likable guy but maybe the least knowledgeable guy on the planet.
  3. Rudy Giuliani. Not remotely a likable guy.
  4. Bill Clinton. Stay on message?
  5. Lindsey Graham. Maybe it's the accent.
Best Political Podcasts
  1. Slate Political Podcast. Great cast, great banter
  2. It's All Politics. When they aren't trying to overdo it with the one liners, these guys are pretty good.
  3. Washington Week. Gwen Ifill has good guests and moderates an insightful conversation
  4. CNN Politics Daily. 15 minutes of political highlights for the day
  5. Meet the Press. Prefer listening than watching on TV. Unfortunately not as good as it was a few months ago. :(
Best Mainstream Political Blogs/News Pages
  1. The Page.
  2. Ben Smith
  3. The Daily Dish
  4. The Daily Kos
  5. Taegon Goddard's Political Wire
Best Journalists
  1. John Dickerson - Slate
  2. Wolf Blitzer- CNN
  3. Chuck Todd- NBC
  4. Joe Klein
  5. George Stephanopolis
ugh. could any of these guys compete with Big Russ?

Best TV Political Analysts
  1. David Gergan
  2. John King
  3. John Cafferty
  4. Donna Brazille
Worst TV Politicical Personalities
  1. Sean Hannity. inusufferable
  2. Lou Dobbs. See above.
  3. Larry King. Great guests, terrible questions
  4. Greta Van Sustrin. What happened since she left CNN?
  5. Chris Wallace. No personality
That's it for tonight. Maybe I'll add to it tomorrow.

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I think Phil Gramm should be on the bad surrogate list somewhere.