Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mixed Bag

Today John McCain received the valuable endorsement of Lady Rothchild. Seriously, who gives a rat's a$$? Let's see, a self important former Hillary Clinton supporter didn't get Her a$$ appropriately kissed by the Obama campaign and she sulked her way to the McCain campaign. Why did the media cover this? How about spending a few minutes covering the candidates speaking about the Wall Street mess? Isn't there more important things to cover?

Speaking of the media, Sean Hannity tossed some incredible soft balls to Sarah Palin. Tune in tomorrow to hear her answer "what's it like to be such a strong reformer?". I'll hand it to Bill o'reilly his interview with Obama was much more balanced and interesting than his moronic brother Sean.

Good to see Jack Cafferty back on tv a few weeks after losing his wife of 35 years. He has been pretty tenacious the last couple of months. Good to see him back for the stretch run.

A friend of mine that is a Republican that was less than enthused about voting for McCain said to me he was excited because of Sarah Palin . In his own words "she doesn't seem to have a full grasp of the issues, but I like her personality". After I asked him "didn't we just have one of those in Bush?". After a few seconds of silence he said "yeah, I suppose" and walked away. I only mention this because it was the first time I have ever seen a Republican accept a losing argument. McCain support is paper thin and is starting to falter.

What is the likelihood that Sarah Palin spent 35,000 of her own money to install a tanning bed? I can't imagine that it wasn't paid by some supporter. I guess I probably shouldn't speculate. There are enough things that have been proven to hang her on without speculating.

Yesterday I wrote letters to the editor from my beautiful house in Arvada, Co. Today I am moving to Muncie, IN.

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