Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Wrap Up Show

After two weeks of conventions, I would say that the far better convention was the DNC. It featured great speeches by Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Ted Kennedy and Barack. Additionally had 8=10 other speeches that may not be as memorable, but were pretty good. Kerry, Bill Clinton, Biden, Brian Sweitzer, Al Gore all delivered. The memorable speeches coming out of the RNC were Rudy and Sarah. Rudy for being an merciless attack dog and Sarah for being an engaging personality and delivering a skewering speech through a smile.

John McCain was brutal. Chris Matthews praised this as a brilliant speech and a real game changer and then I turn to CNN and Jeffrey Toobin is saying it is the worst ever. I felt like I was at church, I was struggling to pay attention, if there was a brilliant message in it I missed it because it was so long and droning.

Barack's speech in contrast featured very little of the soaring rhetoric, it had a lot of substance, contrast without venom, and biography. It was a call to action and service.

So after two weeks of conventions and two VP picks, the race probably continues where it was before the convention. Barack will have a lead of 1-2 points on national polls and have narrow leads in enough key states.

From here there are a few questions that will define the rest of the race:

Will Palin wilt under the bright lights. I said the other day that I think she is 50-50 to be on the ticket on election day. I still stand by that, probably little less than 50-50 but still a good chance.

What will the smear machine try to stick on Barack? Ayers isn't enough, they need to get the Reverend.

Will there be a backlash against the media for vetting Palin since no one else has?

How will Bill and Hillary participate? I think both will hit the campaign trail hard in October.

Can McCain create separation from George Bush? Can you imagine in an hour long speech accepting his party's nomination that he never once acknowledges the President by name? Only problem with trying to distance himself is that he is in lock step with him on most policies.

t minus 61 and counting. It's going to be quite a ride.

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I think you are right on all counts. Get ready for the most interesting election of our lifetime.