Thursday, October 2, 2008

Debate Wrap

Tonight grading on the curve Sarah Palin did really well. She didn't freeze up, she didn't drool on herself, she spoke in complete sentances, but she also didn't answer a single question. Every politician molds the question to fit their talking points, Sarah Palin spoke from her script regardless of the question.

Some people will say that Sarah Palin did well tonight. If you think that she did well, then you have lowered the standards by which we should hold for Vice Presidents.

Joe Biden on the other hand may have started cautiously and occasionally talked in depth on issues. Some might give Biden a hard time for going into a lot of depth on policy discussions, but any President would be well served to have such a resource as he is.

I was glad to see that every time Sarah Palin mentioned the word "maverick" the dials on CNN turned negative. You would think that Todd gets a free meal at "Old Country Buffet" for every time she says the word Maverick.

Lastly, I wonder what the Vegas odds were on Biden getting teary eyed and not Palin. I immedialtley screetched "No Joe don't" but no one is going to hold getting emotional against him when talking about the loss of his wife and daughter.

If I had to give grades Joe Biden would get an A-. I think he should have tried to throw Palin off her script by attacking her more but was very credible as a potential President.

Palin would get a curve graded C-. She really was terrible, not a total spectacular flameout, but the only way you can grade her higher is if you lowered your standards.

3 comments: said...

Ok Phil. I have to say that you are not being rational about this. Break the debate down to the key basics, facts, offense, defense, rhetoric and style. The only place where she really falls down is on the facts side and that was subject to interpretation. If I were grading it, I say Biden was a B+ and she was a B. One thing she did do is she reclaimed her reputation.

Lorraine said...

Phil, I agree with you. Palin didn't fall off the podium, therefore she improved her standing. She didn't answer at least 75% of the questions that were directed to her. She stuck by her talking points and that was it. She renamed the commanding general of US troops in Afghanistan and the president of North Korea. That little "winky" thing and the "aw shucks" stuff has to go. Maybe it works in Alaska but not in the lower 48!

Ez Blogger said...

While I find it hard to believe that you two would disagree, in this case I am not. At work today there were a number of people that were absolutely disgusted by her and others that loved her.

Most of the "loved her" responses were die hards, but a couple were not.

Interestingly the two guys on either side of my office (both undecided Republicans) are now decided. They are voting Obama.

Some people were charmed by her, others were looking more for the content. That's why I think the opinions were so varied.