Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Night Videos

Occasionally I will post a video or two to take an easy way out instead of writing a post. Not tonight, I am not lazy tonight, but I have come across some good videos today.

First up, more hatred from the McCain base. It gets uglier and uglier.

Now for a less serious side. IF you haven't seen this video of McCain speak at the Al Smith Dinner last night it was a refreshing change from what we've seen on the trail. I'm not sure that if McCain was more himself and not a Karl Rove creation that he would have done any better, but it certianly would have been a more respectable race.

And if you haven't seen Barack from the same dinner, it is also must see TV. A nice tribute as well to Tim Russert.

Speaking of Tim Russert, the closest we are going to come to seeing a Russert like interview came from......David Letterman.

Now back to hate. I couldn't believe when watching this it was coming from a congresswoman.

Now for a little entertainment....

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