Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sarah Suggestions

Yesterday I posted the Sarah Palin email question on another blog and got these responses.

  • Tell her to get her duff off the couch

    and go shoot down that Putin head!

  • I admire your restraint!

    I have two questions for her:

    1. (The funny one) How's that abstinence-only sex education workin' out for ya, Grandma-3rd-generation-shotgun-wedding?
    1. (The serious one) How do you sleep at night, knowing that you've been fanning the flames of bigotry at your rallies, coming close to inciting violence as you blithely, smilingly bear false witness against your brother in Christ? When will you publicly denounce the hatred you've whipped up?

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  • ask her how old the earth is

  • go with your first question, but

  • tailor it to her particular intellectual curiosity:

    Governor, read any good cereal boxes lately?

  • Ask her...

    ...what kind of dinosaur Jesus would have for a pet.

    • LOL...It is written

      that Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey, but who knows? Maybe a stricter interpretation of the scripture would reveal....

  • Ask her

    if she feels pressured to do McCain's dirty work, or does she enjoy it? And ask her if she thinks people will forget all this by 2012?

  • What will she do when she returns to Alaska

    Open a snow machine sales company?
    Sell moose jerky?
    Start an ebay store?
    Go fishing?

    • She could do make-overs

      at a Merle Norman counter. She'd be good.

      • Good idea!

        and she could tattoo lips on the side!

  • Why does she hate America

    1. Does she know what narcissism is?

    2, Does she realize, when she's promoting racism, that white supremacists don't like Eskimos either?

    1. Does she know that speaking in tongues does not qualify as a foreign language?
    1. What brand of battery does she have in the back of her head?
    1. Does she really think we're THAT stupid?
    1. What did Bullwinkle ever do to her?

    McCain/Palin: When two negatives DON'T make a positve.

  • Tell her

    that she is almost single-handedly making America the laughing-stock of the entire civilized world (Bush got the ball rolling, but Sarah is really driving it home). And that if by some accumulation of misfortunes she actually became President, she would forever change America's rank in the world arena (and not for the better).

    And that if she ever read a newspaper, she would know this, and hopefully would have the decency to crawl back to Alaska and hide under a moose. But then, if she knew this, she wouldn't be Sarah Palin.

Ouch, not a lot of love for her on that site either.

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